Firestopping is a passive fire protection system built into the structure of a building designed to compartmentalize the spread of smoke, flame and toxic gases and slow the total involvement of a fire allowing occupants the time needed to escape a burning building. This is done through the construction of fire resistive floors and walls and the protection of openings and joints with the use of fire stopping sealants and devices installed where the wall or floor has been penetrated by mechanical penetrating items such as wires, pipes, or ducts. We at SuperSeal Insulation are here to serve you with all of your Fire Stopping needs in your residential or commercial projects.

We utilize the use of Everkem – Flame Tech Firestopping Product Line that offers an array of product solutions for single family fireblocking and multi-family and commercial firestopping applications. Backed by comprehensive UL testing and experienced technical support, their high quality products have been the reliable choice for specifiers and contractors, for over 15 years.